Thursday, August 02, 2007

Is it really Friday already?! This week has flown by, my past few days have looked something like this.

Working in the studio

I have been finalizing my pattern on my teeny powerbook in the studio! I have chosen to put my images on to screens via computer while Ashley, who is in the foreground is going about the process by hand cutting out her pattern using red film.

Of course I went through my design process in a kind of round-a-bout fashion like always. I had originally started the design process by hand but quickly found that my designs were lacking structure and were looking very messy. I then scanned in my hand drawings and redid them in illustrator, but made sure to keep some of the hand aspect in the design. After I had played around with the different elements that I wanted and made a bunch of different wheel flowers. I chose the elements that I wanted and printed them out in varying sizes. I ended up cutting up all the different elements that I had printed out and made an initial collage playing with the negative and positive space, and scale in mind. After I was satisfied with the collage I went and made copies of the repeat and taped up it together so I could see it in full scale as opposed to working with it on a computer screen, which can be deceiving. I repeated the collage process several times with varying elements until I was satisfied. I then re-scanned the finalized collage, and brought it back into illustrator and used the files from before to reconstruct the new repeat. This time I had to make sure that all of the right elements were placed in the right layer since I will be printing the two layers out separately in full scale on the plotter and then they can be exposed to the screen. Tomorrow I am going to run my finalized design by Gunhilde and if everything goes smoothly I should be starting to prepare my screens soon!

Photo via Ashley's Blog