Monday, July 30, 2007

Weekend Adventures

On Saturday I went over to the Danish Museum of Art and Craft to check out the textile and dress collection. I was told by my professor that there are a lot of Marie Gudme Leth's work and was excited to see it in person as opposed to in a book. I was disappointed to find out when I arrived that the collection was closed for renovation. :( Other than that the museum was small yet nice.

I was immediately drawn to the energy and movement in Danish ceramist Michael Geertsen's work. His pieces were bold in color and had a lovely rhythm to them . They reminded me of my sophomore 3D studio in which we composed sculptures out of found objects using line, plane, and volume. Why didn't I think of using tableware? I wonder what Lenny, my 3D professor would say about this.

Michael Geertsen

I only got to see one of Marie Gudme Leth's textiles but it was worth the trip anyways, it was even more lovely in person!


This particular textile by Arne Jacobsen really caught my eye not only because of the bright colors but the slightly irregular line patternsthat produced a great movement to the piece.


I was ecstatic to see these initial collages for Poul Henningsen's Artichoke Lamp. I love seeing the process and thinking that is behind art and design, not to mention that I love to collage! These were made with pencil, colored acrylics, wrapping paper, stationary and parchment paper.

Collages for Poul Henningsen's Artichoke Lamp

After my visit to the museum and lots of downpouring I later met up with two fellow textile friends Ashley and Holly and we splurged a bit and had dinner by the canal.


My seafood salad, and strawberry lime cider were perfect!

Holly and Ashley

Holly and Ashley at dinner, cheers or as the Danish say Skål!

Look for an update tomorrow with more progress of my final piece plus photos from Sunday!