Saturday, July 28, 2007

It has been raining an awful lot since I have gotten here so yesterday while it was still sunny out I took a walk around my neighborhood. I finally made it before closing time to a small thrift store that I have had my eye on since last weekend. I have had my eyes peeled for thrift stores ever since we got here and have so far found 3 in my neighborhood (one which I have still visited because it is closed until the 31st for Danish holiday), one near the DIS building in downtown Copenhagen, and one by the Design School. I would have to say that out of all of them so far this one was by far the best! I picked up a vintage striped taupe button down shirt with a scooped peterpan collar for around $4 and this vintage apron for around $2.

Vintage Apron Thrifted in my neighborhood in Copenhagen

I am in love with the pockets and the color palette. Perhaps I can use this as some color inspiration for my final piece.
As I was walking around the neighborhood I snapped a photo of a dog waiting patiently outside of my local netto, which is a grocery store.

awwww, I snapped a photo of this dog waiting patiently outside of my local netto which is a grocery store

I also walked down by the canal but these rain clouds were looming over my head for quite some time before it began to downpour.

This is what the sky has looked like every single day

I peeked into this boat and thought it was just too perfect. I can imagine myself sitting there reading a book with a glass of wine or chit chatting with some friends.

I would love to just sit in here and read a book!

Here is the front of the boat

more boats

more canal