Thursday, July 26, 2007

I was quite excited while going through my list of blogs that I read daily to find myself and my blog mentioned on Design*Sponge. Grace has always had such a great enthusiasm for student design work and I am delighted to be featured!

D*S July 25th 07

Thanks Grace!

Today in class we did a simple yet helpful exercise in playing with color overlapping. The exercise was beneficial since we are only going to be allowed 2 screens for our final print. All though this does in fact restrict us, it has in fact made all of us become more creative with the process of figuring out the possibilities that we can use to achieve the final look that we want.

overlappijng colors exercise in progress

After lunch we all hopped on the metro to a huge design showroom at Bella Center which is located in the more suburban area of Copenhagen. I had been there before since my hostel the first day I arrived was located near the metro stop. I remember heading out of the city and wondering where I was going and then smiling when I saw this building when I got off the metro.

Amazing building next to Bella Center metro stop

Our main focus at Bella Center was to interact with the textiles at the Kravdrat showroom.

Kvadrat showroom at Bella Center

We were also there to collect inspiration for our four colorways that we will have to have for our final piece.

So many color palettes!

Malene discussed various fabrics such as Tord Boontje's designs, and newer technologies being used such as incorporating laser cutting, and certain burnout techniques using two different types of polyester that left even Joy, the textile engineer stumped.

Malene showing us a lots of Tord Boontje for Kvadrat fabric

Unfortunately at the moment most of Europe is on holday, which meant that we were just about the only people in the showroom. These whimsical skirt-like lamps really caught my eye, although the photo doesn't convey how playful they seemed.

Showroom at Bella Center

I can't finish this entry without a photo of my newly organized and refreshed mood board for my presentation tomorrow.

Mood Board July 26th

and last but not least, I couldn't resist taking a photo of these cherries and snap peas that I bought right outside the design school to go with my lunch

mmmm part of my lunch!