Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today I started focusing on my final piece. After playing around in illustrator long last night after class with my wheel motif I have decided to integrate it into my final pattern that I will be printing. I made a lot of variations, none of which I am satisfied with but after a full day of more playing and getting inspired by the textile book that our professors have brought in, I think I now know the direction that I am going to take. Unfortunately, there are no photos of today! I realized that my battery was dead right after I arrived to class.

In a few minutes I will be leaving with Ashley a fellow classmate to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art which is located in Denmark on the North Zealand coast. My professors were nice enough to help us with directions since it is about a 35 minute train ride out of the city. Everyone that I know that has gone has come back raving that I must go, so I am quite excited. The museum is open late tonight until 11 and the weather is finally pulling through. It has not rained once today! Of course we finally have a sunny day the day after I broke down and bought a pair of rainboots. My feet were tired of always being cold and wet.

I will leave you with some photos of my trip!

I was extremely excited to see what the interior of the Ivanna Helsinki stored looked like, it did not disappoint!
Ivana Helsinki Store

I snuck a photo in at the Marimekko store, so many beautiful colors! We later all went a bit crazy at the Marikmekko outlet shop, more on that later.
Marikmekko Store

Beautiful lighting fixtures at the Myyrmaki Church