Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Kitchen Color

New Curtains!

February 8th 2009

Small Pacha


Pretty Palette

Red Hook

Woke up and was excited that it was warm enough to wear my purple trench coat. I paired it with a red dress, an unlikely combination for myself. Little things like color combinations can make my day. Took the bus over to Red Hook and made a quick stop at Ikea to get new curtains for my room. The ones pictured in the above photo in the kitchen I had originally bought for my room but found a new home in there because they were too busy. On my way out I got a frozen yogurt hoping that I would walk outside and it would be warm and wonderful and spring like but it was windy and much more chilly than I had remembered so I had to eat it really fast while shivering. Walked on over to Fairway and got lots of yummy food and got carried away with the 4 grapefruits for $2. Ended up trudging to the bus stop with 8 very large grapefruits along with all of my usual groceries. Happy hour and dinner with friends at a local Italian place ended my day on a perfect note.