Saturday, May 02, 2009


I got back from London almost 2 weeks ago but I have been unusually extremely busy and just found the time a few days ago to put my photos on my computer. I really didn't take many photos and focused more on working on my sketchbook. Once I get my scanner back and working I'll share some pages from that. But in the meantime here are some photos of my trip. Check out the rest on my flickrDSC_0067
Swedish Fashion: Exploring a New Identity at the Fashion and Textile Museum in London

Columbia Flower Market

Portabello Road Market

Roman Baths in Bath

Shopping in Bath (can't remember the name of this store at the moment) Love the wire chandelier

Markets markets markets! This was taken at the Slow Food Market in London

Bath was seriously GORGEOUS and a highlight of my trip, I was probably swayed by the amazing weather that I had there too.

Explored lots of little shops and gathered up lots of inspiration