Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back from NH

I got back from New Hampshire yesterday. I feel like whenever I have been going back I always do the same things. This photo basically sums up how I spent my Sunday. Two words. FLEA MARKET

The infamous flea market that I always talk about

This flea market is out of control and I am sorry but the flea markets here in NYC don't stand a chance in comparison to the ones in NH. I came out after three hours and only spending $6 and came out with a vintage silk scarf, two linen table clothes, a few yards of really fun vintage fabric, the cutest painting that I am putting in my kitchen tomorrow, 6 cloth napkins with a great bamboo print in chartreuse (one of my favorite colors!) and a full bottle of avon perfume in a peacock shaped bottle! RIDICULOUS!!

Local farm near my dads house

Besides the flea market I made sure to stop at the local farms/ice cream stands and stock up on some fresh veggies that I made myself and my dad dinner with, cider donuts, and homemade pumpkin ice cream. yummmmy