Monday, March 10, 2008

Let the job search begin!

I started sending out my resume for full time jobs about a week ago, which is exciting but nervewracking all at the same time. I had an interview on Thursday for an entry level textile position at a company in midtown. It was honestly the fastest interview I have ever had in my life, I sat down and felt like I was putting my jacket on 5 minutes later. I am not expecting a call back from them, but I went straight from the interview to an get some amazing Korean food in Koreatown a treat for myself which made up for it.
I had another interview this morning at another home furnishing company in midtown in the same building but one floor down. It was for a temporary internship/assistant position to the tableware designer. This one went much smoother thankfully! I should be hearing back at the end of the week if I got it or not. Even if I don't get it or any of the jobs that I have been applying for it is putting my mind at ease that I have my resume floating around and I feel like I am one step ahead, which is all that counts for the time being right? May can't come soon enough, or can it?