Thursday, February 14, 2008

Seacoast NH Heartwalk 2008 Walking in memory of Cheryl Lewis

mommy dearest

My sister Kristen will be walking in the 2008 Seacoast NH Heartwalk on May 18th in memory of our mother, Cheryl Lewis, who died in December of 2006 from a rare heart disease called ARVD. Unfortunately I will not be able to walk, but will be there in spirit. This year our team is called "Thump Thump" and our goal is to get as many people to walk with the team or donate. Our team goal is to raise $1,000. The goal for the whole Seacoast heart walk is to raise $88,000.

If you would like to go to our team page it can be found at:

My personal page, where you can donate is located at:

*Copy and Paste above addresses for some reason when I link them they direct you to a general page*

Currently in my studio I am in the process of designing a necklace to promote the awareness of heart disease in memory of my mother and all of those who have lost a loved one. I am also working on a set of plush cushions in the shape of organs. My first one being the heart. I will be posting my progress as soon as I get something a bit more tangible. I am hoping to sell them and donate a portion of the money made to the American Heart Association.