Friday, January 18, 2008

New Couch!

Creating a space that feels like home to me is something that is on the top of my priority list. My roommates often laugh at me when I am at it decorating again, but I would go mad living in a white box. Our living room still feels unresolved. It is such an off space and we really don't have any money to spend on decorating. I was fortunate enough to receive a free ligne and roset couch thanks to the wonders of Brooklyn Freecycle right at the start of the new year! Here are some photos

New Couch

Above is the view of the living room from the bathroom. Here is the new couch (free) with thrifted pillows ($2.50/each) along with my stoop sale rug ($15). Something defininetly needs to happen on the dead space above the couch, I've hung a shawl that I have had since I was a child to add a dash of color. I was thinking floating shelf (that I just so happened to thrift the other day $7) with various knick knacks and maybe two framed pieces of vintage wallpaper that I bought back in NH over thanksgiving. Still thinking about this.

Living Room

View of living room from my room. Something needs to happen in that wall space between Rachel's room and the kitchen, but not sure what yet. Please ignore the crooked frame! Here is a sneak peak into the kitchen, but I will save that for another day when our dishes are actually done!

Living Room

View from front door. I got the oversized chair on craigslist for $50 when we first moved in because I could not deal with the empty space.

In the next week or so I am going to be playing around with a few different things and will post the results later!