Saturday, November 03, 2007

Second Hand Rose


I have so much to blog about! Yesterday at my internship I was asked to pick up a roll of wallpaper from Second Hand Rose for the spring product shoot. I had heard the name of the shop before but it wasn't really ringing any bells but when I stepped inside the Tribeca store I was floored. Why hadn't I been here before?!?! I honestly could have stayed for a few hours and just sat down in awe of all of the vintage wallpaper in front of me, rolls and rolls and rolls but I did have to go back to my internship. The storekeeper was friendly and extremely helpful and answered all of my questions as I drooled and he rang up the transaction. Must. Go. Back. Soon. Heaven!! He kept telling me to go to the website and I picked out some prints that caught my eye.

This reminds me of a dress I had when I was little
This print reminds me of a dress that my mother wore when I was little

Bike love!
I have a soft spot for bicycle patterns, and this one satisfies it!

mmm wallpaper
This looks like one of my doodles in my sketchbook, not to mention that I have been drawn to this color palette a lot lately.