Tuesday, November 20, 2007


I have been in a sort of creative funk lately. I blame it on a multitude of things, cold weather (brrrrr), the holiday season approaching, and an anniversary approaching too which is understandable. I have lots of ideas stirring in my head right now and they are slowly becoming a reality. Inspired by Tricia over at Bits and Bobbins here is my creative to-do list.

-Redesign website and move this blog over to KimberlyLewis.net, this is in progress as we speak!
- Research different grants that I would like to apply for in the next few years
-Get portfolio up to speed/find amazing job so I can get said grants
-Learn to crochet, this is being accomplished over thanksgiving, my grandmother is giving me a lesson
-Learn to knit portuguese style, will post more on this later.
-Relearn embroidery skills and learn how to ribbon embroider (perhaps this is another lesson with my grandmother over christmas)
- Set up Etsy store
- Try to fully comprehend my digital slr, I am so embarrassed that I have had i for so long and don't even use it to its fullest extent!
-make all of my patterns in my sketchbook into repeats in illustrator
-Make dress with the DVF fabric I thrifted two summers ago and is sitting in my closet!
Oh yeah and you know the usual...
- Finish all of my school work, have fun teaching creative movement to preschoolers, and surround myself with really expensive table settings at my internship that I will never be able to afford on Fridays!