Saturday, October 06, 2007

Self Indulgent Birthday Wishlist

It is finally October. My favorite month, and you know what that means, 19 days until my birthday! My father called me on the phone the other day asking what I wanted for my birthday, so here is a silly little wish list of things I have had my eyes on.


Capezio T-Strap Size 7
I left my pair that my mother bought me in the hostel in Helsinki, and my feet just haven't been the same since. :(

Cheap Headphones that I can afford to break or lose, I wish these came in adult sizes!


I think that this Marimekko dress designed by Mika Piirainen is absolutely perfect. Size 36 please!


Right before I went to Copenhagen I ordered a bunch of samples from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab and have been meaning to buy a bigger bottle of Snake Oil and Antique Lace.


I have my eye set on this knitting machine on ebay, or really any knitting machine for that matter. I can't wait for the weather to start to get chilly so I can break out all of he knitswear!

Website makeover! Someone to redesign my poor website for me (which is currently not up but is usually located at since I have still not yet learned how to use dreamweaver!


You can always win me over with flowers, hydrangeas are my favorite!