Saturday, August 11, 2007

Lisbet Friis


Last Monday my class took a trip to the studio of Lisbet Friis. We took the S tog to the outskirts of Copenhagen and walked quite a ways to small community that George Jensen had his factories along with houses and other amenities for his workers. Today the community is made up of craftspeople and artists who must apply to get a studio and house. The waiting list for the community is out of control and Lisbet mentioned that she put her name on the list right out of college and finally when her three children left the house, got the call that she was selected. The area is extremely picturesque and I felt like I was walking through the set of some fairy tale movie.




Before getting to Lisbet's studio we stopped at Dyerhaven, which is the royal families hunting grounds. Wild deer were everywhere, I have never seen so many in my life!


Lisbet welcomed up into her studio, and even gave us a little snack afterwards! She explained to us her working process, and we got to get a hands on look at a bunch of her printed textiles. I fell in love with her printed works on paper with tongue in cheek phrases on them. She did a series of them for an exhibition, and will be coming out with english versions soon!



Thanks Lisbet!