Sunday, July 01, 2007


Hello from Iceland! I landed at about 11:20 PM and the sun was just setting. Now I am waiting to get on my next flight and fly to Copenhagen! I am actually going to be going on the same plane but sitting in a different seat! Speaking of seats I got to sit in a window seat which was very exciting for me. Probably a bit too exciting, and I believe I have a window seat on the next flight also. On all of my flights to Peru I was stuck in the middle aisle middle seat so it is was a nice surprise!

I received a call from my friend Emily right as I was checking in my bags. Apparently she slept through her alarm and missed her flight. I was supposed to meet her at the airport at Copenhagen and we were going to wander around the city together. It looks like I will be all alone! I have already met a fellow DIS student who is doing the architecture program so maybe I will walk around with him.